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Hi Colleen! You send me hello's everyday If you want I love em! Family is very good! Pinky is awesome! Hunter and Gracie have this Jeep! So Pinky has to run if they put it in second gear, so we bought her a bike! Now she can keep up with them! I'm sure you would laugh if you saw them. A two year old and a four year old with helmets and shades, driving down the road in a mini jeep! We are heading to London in the next couple of days to go to the beach!! Pinky's friends were going camping and she decided to go with us! So I would say she is doing great and happy! I will definitely let her know you said hi! You have a great summer too! Talk to you soon. Vanessa (Hampton, ON)

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Good morning Kathleen, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know everything is going great and we are so happy to have Marisa here. Marisa is a very nice, intelligent young lady who is a welcome addition to our household. I am having a hard time to get her to understand that weekends are for herself, but this will be different when she meets other people and gets some hobbies and interests of her own. Thank you and your company for giving people like me the opportunity of employing persons such as Marisa because we would never find anyone this qualified in our area. Shelly (Hammonds Plain, NS)

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Hi Sherri....Shirley is settling in well. Both Rod and I are very happy with how things are working out. Shirley is extremely responsible, well-organized and a quick learner. The kids love her! Our family is a little unconventional in that we have few routines but Shirley is starting to bring order to the household! I'd also like to add that the information package you sent was extremely helpful, especially the checklists for things to do upon arrival. Thank you for all your help. Tanya (Winnipeg, MB)

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Greetings!!! Hi I'm Jeanifer from Calgary and I just want to thanks International Nannies for working on my papers in order to be in this beautiful country. I've been here for almost four months working with the R*** family.They are such a great people. Once again thank you and God Bless!! Jeanifer (Calgary, AB)

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Hi Kathleen. I just wantted to let you know that Ester is working out extremely well. She is a really hard worker and has developed a very close relationship with our children. She has adjusted very well to living with us. She has met a few people here in London. You had mentioned that another nanny was scheduled to arrive in London this month. If you are able to provide her name and number or any other nannies here in London, I know Ester would be very interested in meeting them. Please let me know if you can provide any addional contact names. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Lydia (London, ON)

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Hi Colleen, I will continue to recommend you to any of my interested contacts, as I have appreciated your patience with my questions, and your quick responses - in the process so far. Regards, Alison (Toronto, ON)

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Employer?s Advice, Client Survey Response: Be sure to ask the right questions when interviewing, be clear with the person, make them a "part of the family". Have weekly talks - back & forth to ensure both of you are happy. Paula (Calgary, AB)

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Employer?s Advice, Employer Survey Response: Always communicate with your nanny. Make them part of your family. If you (parents) accept the nanny into your lives, the children will also be more accepting. Crystal (Grand Prairie, AB)

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Hi Roxanna, I am so grateful to you for sending Jose to our little family. He is truly a blessing. Thanks so much Phyl (Edmonton, AB)

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Dearest Maam Shelley, Hello. How are you? Hope you're doing great. Just extend my warmest thanks for giving me a visit here in Canada. I was so touch my your thoughtfulness. Thank you also for giving me your time talking with me and asking about my situation here. I wish your company the best sucess and esp. to you your so nice and very warming person. Hope we can see each other nextime. Please extend my warmest regard to Maam Manuela in Vancouver and to all the staff of International Nannies. Once again thank you so much. God bless us all. Respectfully yours, Mary Jean (Ottawa, ON)

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