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Hi there! This is Mary Ann wishing everyone there a wonderful day. Well, i would like to thank for playing a big role and giving me a chance to come and work here in Canada.I've been here for 3 months in Sherwood Park,Edmonton,Ab.Thanks God i have a good employer and i had adjusted well with everything. Mary Ann (Sherwood Park,AB)

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Strengths of International Nannies, Survey Response: Very informative and answered many of my questions. Very efficient and excellent at matching employers and employees. I liked the fact that Lisa flew to Hong Kong to do interviews personally. Always responded in a timely manner. Very personable and knowledgeable of position. I heard about International Nannies through a friend and neighbor. Our nanny is excellent with children, very organized has exceeded our expectations, genuinely cares for family. [Employer?s Advice, Client Survey Response]Prepare a list of needs and questions before talking with nanny-to-be on phone and be organized for her BEFORE she gets there with a list of duties and daily activities/schedule of children. Sheila (Canmore, AB)

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hi,thanks a lot for finding me a good employer here n canada.god bless and more power.Catherine (Clandonald, AB)

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"Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon" Colleen, Thank you for all of your e-mails and support through this selection process. We appreciate your time and friendliness! Sincerely, The L. Family - Dason, Jodi, Brooke,Chelsey & Jaden (Brooklyn, ON)

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The manager of the Calgary office was fabulous and my main contact. She made sure I had her home office number as well as the office number and returned my calls promptly. I have already recommended(to a few people) your agency, as has my nanny recommended the agency to her friends. We are extremely happy with the match. Thank you for your help and service. - [Strengths of International Nannies, Survey Response] Lauren's personality and my personality fit together perfectly. Lauren is fabulous with the children and the children love her and are very relaxed and secure with her. Lauren and I discuss daily what events are planned and how the day went. We have extremely good communications between us and there is no improvement needed. I am so happy and satisfied with the nanny. She fits well into my household and extended family. - [Nanny Performance, Client Survey Response] Know what your expectations are for your nanny and try to pick someone who will fit those expectations - read the profiles carefully! Treat your nanny with care and respect - [Employer?s Advice, Client Survey Response]. Karen (Camrose, AB)

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Strengths of International Nannies, Survey Response: Philippa is excellent, professional, always reachable and very helpful! Very professional service, great follow-up, easy to follow instructions ie. each step is outlined with approx. time lines. Lori (Mississauga, ON)

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Employer?s Advice, Client Survey Response: Use Int'l Nannies, ask lots of questions and try to get the the potential nanny to open up and talk with you. Lori (Mississauga, ON)

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Employer?s Advice, Client Survey Response: Use your agency to assist with the hiring and for helpful hints and suggestions for working relationship. Shannon (Calgary, AB)

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Hi Philippa- Things are going well with Laila and our family. I think she'll do just fine with Travis. She has been a really good second pair of hands for me around the house which alleviates time better spent with the boys. Laila seems to have adapted well to our family and seems happy. Thanks for all your help. We'll definately recommend your agency should the need arise for someone else. Jenny (Hamilton, ON)

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Hi Philippa, how are you doing. So Jordan and Danielle are playing together that is great. That must be so cute. You are lucky that you do not have to rush out to work every day. As for Liza, she is doing great. You must see her there with Jordan interacting. In the beginning we had some rough weeks. I really had to teach her many things and from scratch. I wasn't expecting that with her background. But now she has settled really well. We try our best to treat her like family. It doesn't bother us at all that she is a live-in. She is managing things very well in terms of taking care of Jordan and doing the routine every day. She is also cleaning the house and often either prepares a full meal or prepares the ingredients for me to cook when I get home. She is much more used to our system and learning the Canadian way of life, and she is GREAT! We are sooo very happy. Best of all, I think that Jordan loves her. Now that I said all that, I hope I didn't just jinx things and I hope that she stays with us for many years to come. So thanks for everything and I have referred a few people to you. Hope that you hear from them. Muna (Oakville, ON)

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