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Survey Response: [My nanny has excelled in] Providing entertainment & educational activities for the children. [My nanny needs improvement with] Discipline. Employer?s Advice: You won't regret it! (Saskatoon, SK)

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Survey Response: Sherilyn was extremely helpful - I felt she went out of her way to explain answers to my questions & give me all the information I needed - she always returned calls promptly. Evangeline is my savior! She is 100% dependable and trustworthy - always on time or early for work and very willing to be flexible, according to my needs - I don't know how I survived with her. (Saskatoon, SK)

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Krista, The words "thank you" will never be enough to tell you how I really appreciate the things that you are doing for me... you are always there to listen...patiently answering my questions...you have unending kindness & understanding that you always share... Hope one day I will be able to see you and thank you personally. "Mabuhay" to your office & have a merry Christmas. Geraldine (Kingston, ON)

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Hi Philippa I received your email, sorry for the delay in responding back, I have been busy at work and then when I get home I am so busy with the twins. Everything to date with Maria Mitchie Pamonag has been great. She is wonderful, I could not ask for someone any better than her. She does over and above what is expected of her. Thank you! I was just wondering, will you be following up with me when it is time to renew her contract? I am not sure when we should start that paper work and what is required? Please advise. Thank you again for everything and I am so glad that you are keeping in touch with myself and Maria. Talk to you soon and if I don't talk to you before the holidays I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you again. Kathy (Brampton, ON)

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Hi Philippa, Thank you for all of the information and profiles. I am in the process of reviewing them with my husband. We want to make sure we find the perfect match! You know how difficult this can be...I'm sure! In any case, there are a couple of girls from the first "batch" which we believe may be a good fit. Please continue to follow-up with me and update me - I certainly do appreciate it. Your service has been far superior to any of the other nanny placement firms which I have approached! Thanks again, Irene

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Kathleen, We received your package today. I passed on the envelop for Ruby and the recipe book. I just wanted to tell you that Ruby is settling in well with our family. The kids are already use to her presence and enjoy her being with us. We dropped her off at the mall tonight and after she had left, the kids commented that it already seemed weird when she is not around. She is sweet, kind and very dedicated. I just hope that she is happy here with us ... she says she is. She was able to reach her family and boyfriend tonight and to give them her new phone number ... is feeling good about that. Thanks for everything you did for us. As I said on the phone, your attention and commitment was more than I would have ever expected and hoped for. You have been a real treasure. Talk soon, Michelle (Kingston, ON)

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HI Shelley, I'm glad you came by, Virginia told me you were very nice. I want to thank you for your help and quick response in the process. I have dealt with quite a few other agencies and I found International nannies the most professional and efficient one. I'll highly recommend your company to anybody I would come across. Take Catherine (Ottawa, ON)

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Hey Philippa, Things continue to go really well with Charito. I feel like I've died and gone to heaven, really - she's amazing. Has obviously had her own little routine in HK, so we've essentially let her do what she does. The kids love her, and she's so good with them. Language is a bit of an issue, but I think she's happy. I talked to her about hooking up with other nannies, and she doesn't appear to be overly interested - she says she only needs 1-2 friends, but was wondering if I could get that list from you of some of the women that might be in our area.....just for her to maybe be able to do something so she's not stuck at home all the time... Thanks! Vicki (Oakville, ON)

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Dear Lisa, I would like to personally thank you for placing Lilian with our family in May, 2005. She has been an excellent fit for us and has truly become a part of the family over the past 5 months. I appreciate your extra attention in specifically matching Lilian to my children and my needs. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends or collegues in need of a nanny in the future. Best regards, Lori (Calgary, AB)

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Hi Colleen, Things are going very well with Geraldine. She has received her SIN card, and is waiting for her Health card. She now has a bank account and a library card. I find that Geraldine is caring, responsible, flexible, intelligent, and unobtrusive. An excellent fit for our family! Regards, Alison (Toronto, ON)

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