Why Choose Us

We realize that you have a choice of agencies, but we feel that we have a tremendous edge over any other agency in Canada.

  1. International Nannies & Homecarer Ltd. is Canada’s leading nanny and/or caregiver agency with offices located coast to coast. We have local coordinators available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. We take pride in the personal touch and feel that the only possible way to provide that to our clients is to have local coordinators available across Canada. Please call us to get in touch with a coordinator nearest you.
  2. Owner and General Manager of International Nannies & Homecare Ltd., Manuela Gruber Hersch, is a former overseas nanny herself. Manuela came to Canada in 1985 from the beautiful city of Salzburg, Austria. This gives us first-hand knowledge and experience on the entire nanny hiring process. Manuela has worked as a live-in and live-out nanny in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, with both “good” and “bad” families.
  3. International Nannies & Homecare Ltd has been in business since 1996, providing first-class nannies and caregivers to families all across Canada.
  4. We care and we listen—this is the most important difference with our agency. Our ultimate goal is to make you extremely happy with your nanny. It gives us an absolute high to hear that we made your life so much easier and that your stress-level has gone down a few notches by having a great nanny and/or caregiver in your home.
  5. We cannot guarantee any placement—how could we, our products are people. What we can guarantee though is that if things do not work out, and provided the client has not neglected to obey his or her provincial labor standards and human rights laws, we will do everything in our power to find a replacement.
  6. Top selection of overseas and local applicants. Our screening process for local and overseas nannies is superior to that any other agency. We travel to Asia as often as possible in order to personally interview many of our overseas applicants. We also have affiliate agencies overseas that screen the applicants when we are not able to meet with them personally. They also provide assistance to the overseas applicants when it comes time to complete their visa application and travel arrangements.
  7. Extensive follow-up is provided after the nanny and/or caregiver starts working in your home. International Nannies & Homecare Ltd. will be in constant contact with you throughout the entire hiring process, and even after your nanny and/or caregiver starts working. This is the best way to ensure that the employer/employee relationship is progressing smoothly. Remember that our ultimate goal is to make you and your nanny and/or caregiver happy.