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52 years ,

I have been working in Hong Kong from 1998 until the present. I am currently working with the Lai family. I joined the family when my boss was pregnant with the second baby and she already has an 18 months toddler. Now, they are aged 10 and 13. I have been the one who cared for them since birth. Both of my employers work full-time and so that most of the time I am left with the children to care. I had been the one responsible for bath, feed, change diapers, put the baby to sleep, prepare their meals, and when they go to school, I have to make sure they have eaten their breakfast before they I bring them to school. I help them with their homework, teach them how to take care of their own personal hygiene, teach them to tidy up their things and their rooms. My boss is happy the way I have raised their children. And how they are now as teenagers. I am also very grateful that they treat me with respect and love.

  • Educational / Teaching
  • 10 - 15
  • English & Tagalog