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34 years , Hong Kong

I started working in Hong Kong looking after elderly from Nov. 12, 2014 until present. My first employer was taking good care of a 78 year old disabled elderly gentleman. His half body was paralyzed. I changed his diapers, bathed him regularly and gave his medicines on time. I worked with them from Nov. 12, 2014 until Oct. 28, 2016. My second employer was in Nov. 30, 2016 until July 22, 2017 and I was caring for a 65 year old male suffering from brain cancer until he passed away. Due to his illness of being a cancer patient he lost the ability to move, walk, etc. SO, I do all the daily maintenance for him. Such as feeding, bathing, dressing, and toileting. When the weather is good I put him in the chair and bring him outside to have some fresh breath of air. He likes going to the park and just look around. I also bring him to the doctor for his daily check-ups at the hospital. Then in Aug. 8, 2017 until present, I am taking care of an 86 years old gentleman with gout and arthritis. Sometimes, he become immobile and uses a wheelchair. With all my employers, I give all my best, love and attention to them as if I am caring for my own parents.

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