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30 years , Hong Kong

I came to work as a full-time domestic helper in Hong Kong with the Yeung family for 4 years since June 11, 2014 up to July 4, 2018. I took good care of Audrey and Jude on a full-time basis. As a mother myself, I have a heart full of love and care. I take good care of Audrey 3 - y/o and Jude 3 months old baby. Both parents worked full-time. So I was the sole caregiver for the 2 children. My caregiving duties include; feeding the baby, bathing, changing diapers, preparing healthy meals for the Audrey, bringing her to school and fetch after 3 hours as she is on a half-day class when she attended Kindergarten for 3 years. I also help her with her homework, taught her how to dress, and gradually bath herself. I bring them to the parks to play with other kids, too. I worked with them for 4 yrs. My current employer is now with the Li family since Sept. 1, 2018 up to present. They also have 2 kids ages 4 y/o and 2 months old baby boy named Klayton. Quinton is 4 years old old and is now in K-2. So every day, I prepare him for school, make sure he had his breakfast, brush his teeth, get him changed and ready for school. I strap baby Klayton with me to escort his brother to the school bus stop and we go to fetch him again after 3 hrs. is in a half-day class. I give milk formula to baby following the time break after each feeding, changing diapers, bathing and grooming the children accordingly, In addition to my duties; I do all the household chores efficiently.

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