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34 years , Hong Kong

I came to work in Hong Kong as a full-time domestic helper from 2014 until present. My first employer was with a Chinese family with 2 toddlers ages 2 & 4. My main duties were to take good care of the children since both parents are mostly away. My employers are mostly a way for business. I keep the children to be well nourished and safe at all times. I prepare their meals, bathe them, bring them to school and the playgroup for the young one, do my errands for marketing while they are at school then quickly go back home to clean and tidy up the house then it's time to fetch them. When they go back home, I train them to always keep clean wash their hands and get change. I read them bed-time stories, Teach them good morals and right conduct, I taught them to honor their parents. I will take good care of your children will all my best. I worked with the family for less 2 yrs. as the family had financial problems. My 2nd employer was looking after 3 children ages 3, 4, and 6. I enjoyed taking good care of Jeric, Jessica, and Jericho. I worked with them until I finished my contract. Now, with my 3rd employer. I am responsible to look after a newborn baby named "Lok Yiu". I am mainly focused to provide proper baby care as my employers are both hard-working couple. Most of the time, they will be at home late at night. Looking after a baby is fun for me as they are very much adorable, I also share the baby's room at night so I could further monitor her at night so the parents can take a good night rest. Now, the baby will be almost 1 yr. old on January. She tends to reach on anything she could grab. So I made a routine that we do every day and play also with other kids like herself. I love children and enjoy taking good care of them.

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