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43 years , Hong Kong

I have 18 total number of year in working with children from different families of different nationalities with different cultures. There are things that I have learned from the different families that I have worked with and it added to my childcare skills. Since 2009 to 2014; I worked with British and French family when I started work with there family they only have 1 son and he is 2 years old. then after after 3 years they have again a new born my lady boss is giving birth another boy. My main responsibility is to take good care of the children. Most especially, to feed the newborn baby a formula every 4 hours during day and night . I volunteered to my employers that I will sleep in the baby's room so that I can further look after him during the night. As I understand my employers work during the day and that would surely help her have a better rest. I prepare their breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy foods I also read a story books and playing the eldest son while the mom is busy to the newborn baby. I bring them to the playground just near our place and mostly we play outside the house by the the garden. Additionally, I also do cleaning the house, washing their clothes and ironing do shopping grocery as well.

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