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Josephine B...

35 years , Philippines

I came to work in Macau since 2016 until present. I am currently employed to a Chinese family with 1 daughter named Chloe who is a 4 yrs. old. I am the sole caregiver for Chloe while her parents work full-time. I am responsible to prepare well- balanced diet and healthy snacks, make sure she eats on time. I bath, groom and dress her appropriately. Prepare all her school things, send her to the school and fetch her after classes. Help her in her homework, teach her to speak English, teach her to read and write the numbers and alphabets and draw pictures etc. I instill discipline, good morals and values, so that when she grows up; She is well guided to the right way. And be the best person she / he can be.

  • Business / Commerce
  • 1 - 2
  • English & Tagalog