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Marjorie T...

40 years ,

I am a nanny currently working in Hong Kong since Dec. 5, 2015. I am taking care of 3 years old boy now named Dexter. Since both the parents are working full-time, they have entrusted the care of their son to me. I can take care of children confidently because I have three children of my own. My loving and caring attitude comes naturally because I treat my ward like he is my own child. I give proper guidance in all the activities and make sure that the safety of the child is my top. 1 priority. I am efficient in doing housework like cooking, dusting, mopping, general cleaning, laundry and ironing clothes and uniform. I teach Dexter how to count numbers, how to read and write and I bring him to school. I have also arranged playdates for him as it is important that he interacts with other children.

  • Educational / Teaching
  • 3 - 4
  • English & Tagalog