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42 years , Philippines

I came to work in Hong Kong from March 07, 2014 until now. My First employer was with the Chan family who has 1 child named Ava ages 4 y/o when I started. I worked there for 4 yrs. and 10 mos. So my main duties are to provide full-time childcare to Ava while her parents go to work. Ava attends K-1 when I joined the family. So I assist her in all her daily needs. Like, preparing her healthy meals, teach her proper hygiene and good manners and values. Help her in her homework, bring her to her daily extra-curricular activities such as piano, flute, ballet, math class, and swimming classes. Ava is almost 9 y/o when I left the family. At present, I am taking good care of 4 years old boy named, Wallace. Wallace has ADHD, So to be able to address the needs of Wallace. I have to create a structure. Make a routine for Wallace and stick to it every day. ... Break tasks into manageable pieces. ... Simplify and organize his life. ... Limit distractions. ... Encourage exercise. ... Regulate sleep patterns. ... Encourage out-loud thinking. ... Promote wait time. It is such a challenging moment to be taking care of Wallace but given the right attitude, patience love, and care, all things are possible. Being a mother myself is a great sense in providing proper care my wards need.

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