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Jovy G...

43 years ,

As a nanny or caregiver, I am very honest and I am hard working. I love taking care of children and I treat them like they are my own children. I love playing with them and reading books to them before bedtime. I looked after children on Nov. 8, 2014, to Nov. 8, 2016, and looked after 2 children aged 4 and 6 until I finished my contract. My employers can only pay for one helper so they released me. They gave me a nice reference letter and I still get in touch with them until now. On Nov. 18, 2016, until the present, I am looking after 2 elderly/disabled couple. The husband is 100 years old while his wife is age 91. I give them bath regularly and go with them to visit their doctor. As my duties as a nanny i prepare food in every meal. I go market for the groceries and sometimes i feed them when they are not feeling well. I give them there medicine in every meal . I check their blood pressure everyday. I assist them to the toilet. Every morning i bring them to the park . After the male take the breakfast i exercise the two legs. I do also the household chores like cleaning ironing laundry. But my main focus is to take care the and see the safety of the couple elderly.

  • Computer Science
  • 3 - 4
  • English, Tagalog