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29 years , Hong Kong

At present, I am working here in Hong Kong as a domestic helper since 2015 until present. My employer is a Chinese couple and they have a nine years old ( 8 y/o when I started) daughter named Alisson. Ever since I got employed to them I’m the one who looked after their daughter. I wake her up at around 6:30 in the morning for her to prepare herself to go to school. I even prepare her breakfast before she leaves to go to school. During lunch time I go to her school to bring her lunch box for her lunch. While she is at school I rushed to go to the market to buy the supplies needed for the day. And do the household chores efficiently. Then prepare the stuffs to cook for the dinner. After her school I will wait her at the bus stop to pick her up where their school bus drops her by. Then we will take a short walk until we reach our home. By the time we got home, I usually teach her to take a bath and after that I let her to eat her dinner on time after cooking. After she finished eating her dinner I always remind her to do her assignments or practice her piano lessons. I always accompany her when she wants to go outside ensuring of her safety at all times.

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