Aupair's Profile

Luisa S

Age: 19
Country of origin: Germany
Earliest arrival date: August 1st, 2018
Length of placement preference: 10 months
Childcare experience: Babysitting, Daycare Centre for children.
Children’s age range: Experienced with children 3 months and older; willing to take care of children 1 year and older.
Other Qualifications: plays the saxophone, has done a 12 month exchange in the USA
Driver’s license: learner’s since 06/16; full dl since 04/17
Hobbies: Skiing, Soccer, Basketball, Cooking, Reading, Craft, Cycling, Skate-/snowboarding
Message to the Host Family: “Dear future host family, I**singlequote**m an open-minded, reliable and really active person. Things that I enjoy in my life are my family and friends, my hobbies and spending time with children. I have done a year abroad as an exchange student in the USA before. Because I enjoyed it so much and gained a lot of experiences, I now want to go on another journey. This time, a journey where I follow one of my passions, taking care of kids. I would love to be that person, who follows your children**singlequote**s side. Playing with them, laughing with them, teaching them new things and of course caring for their needs. I want to be that inspiring role model for your children that my babysitters have been for me. Hope to be the Au Pair that fits into your family!”