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Thanks Colleen! It was great speaking with you today, I now feel we have someone who really cares and understands the process. I am excited and confident we will find the right nanny. Thanks again! Nick
Submitted By: Nick from ON On: 04/22/13

Dec 20, 2012 Ma'am Julie, Hi... you just visit me a while ago. Sorry that I have'nt gave you a call when I got here. I just have my new phone a a week ago. It's been my 45 days since I arrived here. As you can see my employers are really nice. I think we are still in the stage of getting to know each other especially to Marco and Nicholas. They are lovely kids.. Thank You so much for all your time and effort.. Thank You as well for visiting me that means a lot to me.. Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year for you and your Family.. Respectfully Yours, Rosemarie
Submitted By: Rosemarie On: 12/21/12

Hello Colleen,I've been here for 1yr and 4 months,,thank you so much for all the help,I really appreciate it.I promise i will recommend you to all my relatives and friends who are eager to come here too..God Bless and hope to see you...Again,thanks. its me, melinda
Submitted By: melinda roxas On: 10/04/12

WOW! Colleen ---- I didn't have access to email until today and was pleasantly surprise to see this!!! AMAZING!!!!! Can't believe this is finally happening! :) Lots be thankful for on this Thanksgiving: Firstly - YOU - for making this process so easy and Second: because we'll finally have our caregiver with us on Thanksgiving! How amazing! :-) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU COLLEEN! I really hope to meet you as I would like to personally THANK YOU! :) Elyse
Submitted By: Elyse On: 10/02/12

Hello Shauna! Just wanted to drop you a quick email letting you know how the first month with our new nanny (Melanie) has gone. I can not thank you enough for recommending her!! She is absolutely incredible and we are so pleased with her. After her first week she felt like she had known us forever and that is exactly how we felt. Melanie has fit in with our family so well that we were shocked. I've actually had people at school stop me and make comments. They have seen her outside playing with the kids and they have been impressed with her. We feel so blessed to have her in our family and I attribute it all to you!! I have been recommending International Nannies to everyone who asks. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for suggesting her. We could not have asked for a better nanny for our family. Thank you for being so good at your job and making this whole process so easy and enjoyable for our family. I can never thank you enough for bringing her into our lives! Thanks again, Chantel L (Grande Prairie)
Submitted By: Chantal On: 08/07/12

Hi Ma'am Joan, Thank you so much for patiently following up how i'm doing now! I'm so glad i went to very good family. I will certainly ask for your help if i need you in the future. God bless you and kindly regards to Auntie Ruth,she knows me.Thanks! Have a nice Day! Judith, NL July 2012
Submitted By: Judith Palalo On: 07/30/12

Hi Joan, Everything is going extremely well with Judith. We are so happy to have her. I am glad to hear that she wrote a nice email. We are pretty relaxed about everything and let her pretty much order the days and structure everything (which may be different then her previous situations). I know the culture shock must be intense. But we phoned a few people we know with nannies so she has met other Filipino nannies already. We are trying to make the transition easy for her and hopefully she is happy (it's not her nature to complain!). But she is amazing with the kids and very calm, plus also manages to keep the house in order -- which is no small feat with twins and a five year old! Thank you so much for your assistance, we were extremely happy with the service and I have already recommend you to other mom's of multiples! Thanks, Alana, NL July 2012
Submitted By: Alana Hinchey On: 07/30/12

Dear International Nannies Team, I am Mylene, I just arrived at my employer's home in Edmonton.They are such a nice family. I also met the grandmother and grandfather right away. I feel very welcome in this family. I feel very comfortable with them.Thank you so much International Nannies and for processing all my papers and for looking for a good employer for me.Thank you so much and God bless you.
Submitted By: Mylene On: 06/26/12

Dear Colleen; We have been so pleased with Lyn ever since her arrival. She is smart, friendly, organized, efficient, and most of all - the kids love her. My 2-year old, Lexi, often hugs her and says, "I love you, Lyn!". On a couple of occasions, Lexi has called me Lyn by accident. This didn't upset me at all. I'm pleased the kids have taken to her so well. Jackson, my picky eater does really well with Lyn, and she works with him on starting to read and write. I can't believe it. He's only 3 and the first time he wrote a perfect capital "A" for me, I couldn't believe it. I have found lots of workbook type books and lessons that Lyn diligently works through. She is a master at craft projects. She enjoys painting, gluing, and doing projects with the kids. We keep our craft draws filled and I have put together a book of things for them to work on. She just gets it. I only have to explain something once to her. I think we have good communication. Our house is spotless! It is so wonderful to come home to a clean home and dinner ready for us. And she is a fantastic cook! I have found a good Asian food store in Kitchener, and we are enjoying some of the Filipino foods from there. Lyn is also enjoying making things she never made before; cookies, roast chicken. I'm going to show her how to make a pie next week. We couldn't be happier with Lyn joining us. Also, we are so happy with the service and support we received from International Nannies. I am sorry it took me so long to write to you. Life is busy! Take care and I hope you have a nice weekend, Kimberly.
Submitted By: Kimberly On: 11/07/11

Hi Colleen, I probably will call on your advice for simple follow-ups. You and your team are very professional and prompt in responding to questions and concerns. Even though we never met Face 2 Face but its great working with you virtually! Angie, Ontario
Submitted By: Angie On: 11/01/11

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