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Gerlie G...

36 years ,

I started to work in Hong Kong in 2013. I was employed by the Lam family to take good care of their 2 children; Mui Mui is a girl age 4 and Hei Hei is a boy age 6. I took care of Mui Mui and Hei Hei for 12 months until the family decided to move back to Beijing. Then, my 2nd employer was with the Ma family. I looked after I am currently working to an Italian / Russian family with 2 children ages 3 ( Valter) & 5 ( Teodoro). They are 2 smart boys. My care giving duties includes preparing their meals, bathing, grooming, tutoring. Bring them to school and fetch them after classes, accompany them to their extra curricular activities. Bring them to the park or to do some outdoor activities. In addition to the care giving duties, I also manage my time to do all the household chores.

  • Computer Science
  • 5 - 10
  • English & Tagalog