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Maria Nerissa C...

34 years ,

I came to work in Hong Kong from 2014 until now. I am currently employed with my 3rd employer; the Wong's family since June 2017 and I look after their 2 yrs. of age; a daughter named; "Thea". My main duties are to provide a full-time care for her as both parents work. So, I prepare healthy meals for my ward, bathe her, dress her up, and bring her to school, bring her to the park to play, and also to visit her grandma. I teach her to sing, count numbers and teach her manners too. I am very dedicated to looking after children. My employers feel my sincere care for their daughter and for that they entrust their child to me even if they travel for weeks.

  • Educational / Teaching
  • 3 - 4
  • English & Tagalog