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37 years ,

I have been working as a domestic helper or nanny in Hong Kong since 2005. Throughout these years, I have learned to be in charge of multi-tasking between childcare and household chores. I am able to manage my time and effectively finish all my work on time. I would usually go over the week's schedule of activities and errands with my employer so I can plan ahead of time. For example, having a meal plan for the week helps in preparing the recipe I need. I can prepare the meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My 13 years of childcare work starts when I prepare breakfast for the children and prepare their things for school. I make sure I prepare healthy lunch and snacks. I drop them off at school then later go pick them up. I would do household chores while the children are in school. My first childcare work was taking care of 4 years old girl and 7 years old boy. My second work was taking care of 5 years old twins, boy and girl. My present work is taking care of 9 years old girl.

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