Nanny's Profile

Angela H...

32 years ,

I feel that I would be a fantastic choice as a nanny because I truly love spending time with children and enjoy providing stimulating experiences and activities for them. My enthusiastic and pro-active personality means that I can approach this role with huge amounts of energy, creativity and dedication to the well-being of the children I am responsible for. In addition, I always seek to initiate and maintain an active dialogue with parents/ guardians so that they are fully aware of the progress made by their children and feel comfortable making suggestions about future activities they would like the children to do. Moreover, I am reliable and diligent when it comes to household, chores, respecting at all times the routines and privacy of the family. Overall, I am a considerate, friendly and effective individual who has a lot to offer to any new family that I work with.

  • Educational / Teaching
  • 3 - 4
  • Spanish, English, French and Italian