Aupair's Profile

Jacqueline A...

Age: 18
Country of origin: Germany
Earliest arrival date: November 21st, 2017
Length of placement preference: 10 months
Childcare experience: babysitting, youth/church group, camp counsellor, intern at day care centre, Leadership course: KjG Youth Leader Training (3 courses)
Children’s age range: experienced with and willing to look after 3 children beginning at 2 years of age
Other qualifications: plays the guitar
Driver’s license: Learner’s license since 01/16; full dl since 12/16
Hobbies: Soccer, Community service, Cooking, Internet, Cycling, Voluntary work, Juggling
Message to the Host Family: “My experiences with children are positive and good. I am very used to planning activities. I am very open to and interested in new and different cultures and the work with children is very satisfying and fun for me.”